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What if I already have health I have to get it thru the school?

My school has a mandatory health insurance requirement....but I already have health insurance and it would make no sense to pay 1200 a year if i'm already paying on the other end...

Lots of schools will let you show proof of insurance to opt out. In cases where people have families, it just doesn't make sense to have to be part of a school's insurance if the student is part of the spouse's plan or if he/she has to cover a whole family.


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Where I"m going, if you can show proof of insurance you can opt out of buying it.  Apparently it's a requirement (Federal) that you have health insurance while you're in school (or that's what I was told, anyway).

The nice thing is that even if you don't take it, you can still count it as part of your COL expenses, so you can still borrow the money to cover it.


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It must not be a requirement, b/c WI doesn't make you have can just use the student clinic there. 

Call the school and ask to opt out.