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I eventually want to practice law in Chicago, so which is the best option: Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago-Kent, or Ohio State?

Ohio State

Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago-Kent, or Ohio State???


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Re: Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago-Kent, or Ohio State???
« Reply #10 on: April 17, 2006, 07:39:18 PM »
p0six and bruinbro - I would definitely have to agree with you about the law school aspect of the decision.  However, Wisconsin's biz school is ranked #31 with an average GMAT of 659 and IIT's is not even ranked with an average GMAT of 553.  I got 680 on my GMAT, so luckily I'll have a shot at Wisconsin.  Also, my husband and I both traveled for work during the entire time we were dating and our entire marriage so we only saw each other on the weekends.  I suppose we are use to it now.  Though the best case scenario would be for us to be together, I've seen other couples manage.  It's definitely tough, though.  What made you both decide on Kent?

If I understand business schools correctly, only about 10 MBA programs really stand out. Outside of those, it may not matter if you get an MBA from a #31 school or a #44 school or an unranked school. With your GMAT, you really are a candidate for Northwestern (at least part time). I will not be seeking an MBA. Kent appealed to me because of it's strength in IP law, it's talented faculty, it's location in the Chicago Loop, and my strong belief in the future prospects of the school. Ultimately, if the MBA ranking is important to you, then you should definitely go to Wisconsin. I think whichever school you choose, your prospects seem bright. Good luck.


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Re: Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago-Kent, or Ohio State???
« Reply #11 on: April 17, 2006, 08:44:23 PM »
Well I chose Kent because 1. it was in Chicago and I want to practice in Chicago. 2. I liked certain aspects better than Loyola, which was the other Chicago school I was accepted to.  Plus I'll probably do IP law.

From what I've read "around" getting an MBA on top of a JD seems to be pretty much not really worth it.  I have no evidence to prove this, but I think that's what I read somewhere.  It seems to me to make sense though, if you're going to do even business law you really only need to study the law part.  The MBA would really only teach you how to RUN a business, not to litigate about one.

In any case, 3 years of a long distance marriage sounds rather hellish to me.  If I were you, that would be enough to make the decision.  In any case, you should read around and ask around if the MBA will acutally help.  It seems silly to base your decision around a degree that might not even get you anything except more grey hair.