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Ideas to make your application stand out


I was just wondering if anyone used any unique ideas to make their application stand out.  For example, a video plea or a video application, or anything of the sort.

if so, do those actually work?


One perfect example of a unique app is quoted below

--- Quote ---In regards to believing that he/she was a shoe-in for their law school... "They actually mailed me their shoe in hopes of a unique presentation...
--- End quote ---

Quoted from a top-ten school admissions director

This director provides insight for your query by stating that that these "unique presentations are for the most part a waste of her and your time and energy. If you truly want your application to stand out then make this known in the personal statement and preemtively with your stellar LSAT and UGPA scores. That's just my two cents (four if you count the directors' as well)
--- Ivy Hopeful   

I agree with the Ivy Hopeful.

I also attended a few admissions seminars over the course of the past two years, and in each case, the admissions officers hosting went out of their way to voice their disgust with "gimmicks"  They hate getting anything more than they ask for, as there are so many apps to shuffle through, and it takes a lot of time to deal with cumbersome video tapes that interreupt the nice even stack of 500 applications they have to tote home on the subway, etc.

So give 'em just the facts, ma'am andgood luck


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