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Opinions on Bush

Opinions on Bush
« on: April 06, 2006, 08:16:52 PM »
I love Julie Fern, I think she is clever, witty, and usually on the right side of an argument.  She ahs also been active on this board since dec. of 2004 meaning she will still be posting when most of you move on to bigger and better things.  That said, shes pretty partisan, so I want to get more everyday opinions on Mr. Bush.  I'll start myself

I like Bush, no not as a leader, I am a solid democrat.  But I like his personality.  I like him because people say I talk like him (they are actually making fun of my inarticulatess, but I kinda of like it when they say that neverhteless.)  Hes laid back and he keeps things in perspective.  I think he is capable of being a strong leader because he is good at delegating authority and keeping his eye on the larger prize.  Generally I think hes got good common senss.

However, I think he f*cked up horribly in Iraq.  I don't think Iraq is any better now, than with that thug Saddam Huessin (did anybody watch the history channel piece linking Saddam to the Nazis, I thought that was interesting).  Yet even with Saddam in charge, Iraq was better off as it was so much more stable.  Furthermore, the war has put off major domestic issues (which may be a good thing for the democrats). I honestly think Bush would have made a push on things like social security if not for the war on Iraq.  Also, hes had to back off from his tax cuts a little bit because of the high cost of the war.  I think Bush's domestic policies from the start have been terrible.  I think Bush is fairly smart, and understands shades of gray, but that he has a conserative vision because he didn't think it is government's role to institute change and sees himself as President as more an executive of a business, then the representative of the people.  To Bush, the President flitters iwht the economy and plays war with foregin policy, social change to Bush comes from grassroots efforts (read evengical christians) and its not his duty to address problems like racism and homophobia.

Finally, and where I point to Bush's downfall is that he got bad advice, especially on Iraq.  Cheney = McNamara in my opinion.  To Bush: How could you ever ever trust somebody who was so confident, if they are so confident, you know they are full of sh*t.  I think Bush surrounded himself with flatters (that includes Condi) and that has hurt him a lot.  Not to say that we had anyway of knowing Cheney would turn out to be a bad advisor, he had lots of experience, but probably only made things worse cause it excerbated Cheney's biggest weakness, over confidence and the disinclination to look at all sides of a problem.

All that said, this is based almost exclusively on impressions and almost no facts.

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Re: Opinions on Bush
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2006, 10:08:34 PM »
dear philibuster,

aye love your shows creative flow...julie fern is really buster...just to clear that up for you...see buster's old quotes for proof...he is a well...and it is neat that you are looking for other opinions...let me give you aye dislike conservatives more than aye dislike liberals...

while aye had reservations about bush...back when he was running against gore...aye is a not-so-bright guy up against another semi-bright guy...but aye have knowledge and intuition on my side...and while aye did not vote for bush or gore...aye figured that bush would not take shite from any nation flexing its muscles...many friends of mine from other cultures (ghana...the ivory coast...the gambia...morocco...tunisia... algeria...jamaica...egypt...i srael...turkey...kurdistan... syria...lebanon...georgia... bangladesh...the native, trinidad...california...and my brothers and sisters in brownsville, brooklyn) believed that bush scared the shite out of them because he has a very determined stature and a very "simple" way of a cowboy...maybe too simple...but they all john wayne...but that to me was not such a bad quality for the times we live.

aye know battery park city very well...and when the "global crescentors" attacked the world trade 1993...we strongly determined that they would be back again...

clinton...a good president...but mostly his ilk...really did nothing to beef up national security nor clinton put george tenet into the cia...NEXT TO NO arab operatives...and would not let arabic speakers into the organization...that was a major problem...

now...gore...although a genuine man...road the coat-tails of clinton
and has a "weak stature" and a "simple presence"...not just to me...but to many of my friends...

so aye was left with a dilemma in 2004...and bush was the obvious all the democrats had to offer was howard dean (a red-faced freak who had no self control)...not a "strong stature"...nor a "level presence"...and kerry "acted the fool" and was "a flat and dry pushover".

my friends believed that out of bush sr...clinton...dole...kerry.. .gore...bush jr. and dean...

only dean, clinton and bush jr. had the presence and stature to stand tall...

the others have the "faces of fools"...particularly gore and kerry and bush sr...dole was "blowing in the breeze" and dean has no control of himself and appeared easily rattled.

so we are left with clinton and bush jr...

clinton could not run...and left the "national security" soft...
bush jr. had engaged the "global crescentors" and seems to speak a language of old...but by today's standards timely..."don't tread on me"...

as far as the future goes ;)... giuliani  may be our next president...he is don't agree with some of giulianiís rhetoric and actions...but he was a man who will stand strong in the face of problems...and would maintain a strong "national defense" against the "global guerrillas" and "global crescentors" and aside from a lisp...has a strong presence and friends agree...

bush is an "asskicker" and a "cowboy"...and sorry...but that is what we needed back when the "global crescentors" bombed the parking garage near liberty and vesey st.

when the folks were murdered on vesey  and liberty streets...we had the genuine article..."an asskicker" who said..."don't tread on me"...

so...bush will be president...

for the record...russ feingold is ineffectual...and a schmuxk. ::)

aside from a few one-lined one will respond... :'(

Julie Fern

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Re: Opinions on Bush
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2006, 04:26:33 AM »