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Whatever happened with this?


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Whatever happened with this?
« on: April 02, 2006, 08:46:13 PM »

I was googling "lsat add diagnosis" when I stumbled upon this interesting article. I tried searching for further information, but came up empty. The suit was filed 6 years ago, anyone know what happened?


Re: Whatever happened with this?
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 09:18:29 PM »

Re: Whatever happened with this?
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2006, 12:13:09 AM »
Maybe LSAC was able to justify their policies?  I think it's a good thing that LSAC is very strict about who they allow extra time.  I could easily get a positive diagnosis for ADD from a psychiatrist.  If I got even an additional 5 minutes on every section because of some bogus diagnosis from some random doctor with no verification on LSAC's part, I would be able to consistently get raw scores of 98+.  And this would be very unfair to people who didn't get a positive ADD diagnosis.