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Reservations about Berkeley - warranted?

Reservations about Berkeley - warranted?
« on: April 02, 2006, 07:42:10 PM »
Having gone to an UG college where the university environment made it somewhat difficult to make friends, quality of life and the law school's overall social scene are VERY important factors to me; (i.e. how readily students will give up studying for the sake of a fun night out with friends--or maybe better expressed, I'm really looking for a work hard/play hard atmosphere).

Does anyone have any thoughts on how these factors play into life as a law student at Boalt?  I'm a little concerned that it's too urban and thus people are more concerned with the nightlife of SF than spending time with classmates.
Is that true?

I also have some reservations about Berkeley because of its politics...are all the kids out there hippies (not that I'm a raging conservative, but, um, sometimes I shave my legs and stuff)?? 
Any thoughts?    Thanks in advance!