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Email reply from Seattle University's asst. director of admissions...


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just heard from Seattle's assistant director of admissions after writing an email saying where are you guys in your process...
Currrently we're in a bit of a mail lag as we approach the application deadline.  As file are received in the mail and downloaded, they are date stamped.  When we reach that date stamp in the mail processing, that is when your materials are processed and updated online.  It looks like the last movement on your file was 3/3 with receipt of the LSDAS report electronically.  Typically, it takes another 10 days to receive the paper version in the mail and we are also in about a 10-14 day mail lag.
Thanks for your patience.  If anything is missing in your application, you will receive an email alert.
All the best!

Hope this info helps someone who is agonizing about Seattle.