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2 Top Choices: One:Gave $$ (must make decision in a wk); Other: ? What to do?

I am down to two schools (both of comparable quality, location).  One gave me a significant scholarship, but I am still waiting for the second school to get back to me w/ an aid package.  Unfortunately, the scholarship school only gave me a week to accept/reject the scholarship.  What should I do?

I was thinking about calling the second school, would this be a bad idea?  If not, how should I approach it?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Definitely call and ask when they expect the FA packages to go out.  If the person answering the phone sounds nice, explain your situation and see what they can do.  (If they sound grumpy or evil, stay anonymous, wait a few days and call back)

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How much is the deposit for $chool?  $50-$200 might be worth it to preserve your options.  I decided that if I needed to I would do it, fortunately I didn't need to waste any money.  Think of this, $50-$200 on potential LS$ can often be better odds than blackjack - especially with LSN data.


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what school offered the scholarship?