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La Verne Law School, Denver Law School, and Schools that take highest LSAT


hi there.  this board is great.  glad to know there are other people like me out there getting ulcers over law school admissions.

I have a few questions.  Does anyone know if La Verne Law School in California is an ABA accredited school?  I looked on the ABA's web site, and they didnt have the school listed.  I looked on La Verne's, and they say they are accredited.  If a law school is not accredited by ABA, what exactly does that entail? 

Second question... i read someplace on this message board that the University of Colorado ran into some problems with the ABA a few years ago... does anyone know what problems?

And finally, I cannot for the life of me find the list that has been mentioned previously in this board of the law schools that only take the highest LSAT score.  Can someone PLEASE tell me?

I really do appreciate it, and good luck to all of you who are applying along with me during this extremely competive application process.  I wish you all the best, and hope you get into your first choice school. 


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I would more than happy to answer your questions about LaVerne...

#1.  LaVerne is not an ABA accredited law school.  However, LaVerne is accredited by the California State Bar.  On October 26, 2003.  The ABA went to LaVerne School of Law campus to inspect them for ABA provisional accreditation.  LaVerne won't know their status until about July.  That means that if you go to LaVerne School of Law without their ABA accreditation, then you would only be able to sit on the California Bar.  Other states may not allow you to take their bar exams.

The good thing about LaVerne is their merit scholarships.  If you score high on the LSAT, you can receive anywhere between a 25 percent and 90 percent scholarship.  I've seen people turn down Tier 2 and Tier 3 law schools to go to LaVerne just because of the scholarships. Plus it's a brand new campus (New campus built in 2001 in Ontario, CA), has a great library and great resources.  If LaVerne receives provisional ABA accreditation, the sky's the limit for them.  Especially after Western State School of Law lost their provisional ABA accreditation.  Southern California needs a ABA school in the Inland Empire.

As for University of Colorado, the ABA is set to "Drop the Hammer" on them.  Outdated campus and law library, poor facilities and not enough full-time faculty is going to be the down fall of U of Colorado's Law School.  Not to mention that Colorado's state government turned down a bill to grant money for a new law library.  Sucks for them.  In fact that's the downfall for Western State - their library isn't up to ABA standards, a poor Bar pass rate for the last 3 years and not enough full-time faculty.

Good luck to you and I hope you get into the law school that you want. :)

Take care,
Crusader  8)

thank you so much!  i am very interested in La Verne, but I am not interested in only taking the bar in California, as Im a New Jersian at heart and plan to practice there.  If you hadn't told me about their lack of ABA approval, then with my luck i would have gone there and been in quite a bind.  Thanks!

Does anyone know the answer to my question regarding which law schools do not average LSAT scores?  Thanks, and good luck everyone!   ;D