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In at McGeorge!

Re: In at McGeorge!
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michelleinsea: Thanks. :)

And ditto on nesnut's question about housing.

What's there to do in Sac when you find yourself with some spare time?

Re: In at McGeorge!
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Regarding So Cal alumni, go to this site:
It shows how many alumni are in each part of the state. Since I am only a 1L I have no idea about actually getting a job down there, but I do know that I'd say 25% of the people in my section are from So Cal and have internships lined up there for the summer...

Regarding housing, most people I know live on campus, but I am married so we wanted to live off campus. The on-campus housing is decent, affordable from what I hear. Outside of the campus, the neigborhood is...sketchy and there are not many students that live there. Most live about 5-10 minutes away.

I found housing on craigslist, but the Housing office at the school has lots of info on people who want to rent their apts/houses out to McGeorge students. The nice new apartment buildings are in the 'burbs, about 30 minutes away, but who want's to live there?

Regarding stuff to do, there are 2 art house cinemas in sac, so that's fun. Also every 2nd saturday they have the "Second Saturday Art Walk" where you go from gallery to gallery and they have free wine/appetizers. I haven't done that yet but it sounds like fun. Then on the 2nd sunday of each month they have an "antique fair" which is basically a big flea market, but with really good stuff. There are also lots of great restaurants in the downtown/midtown/east sac area...which is all only about 10 min. max from campus. Bar review, of course, on thursdays. Downtown is becoming more vibrant I think with lots of shops and places to hang out really coming into their own.

Beyond that, it's only 90 minutes to the bay and 2 hrs to Tahoe. My wife and I have gone to Monterey a few times (3 hrs)...

Anything more, just ask.

Re: In at McGeorge!
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You know, it's interesting. About 30% of the people in my section are 22-25, 50% are 25-30 and 20% are over 30...I am not sure how it works out with other sections, but I get a feeling that there are more 22-25's in other sections. The majority of the students are single though so they like to have a good time.

I think the professors are really good. For the most part. My torts prof is heavily involved nationwide in social justice litigation, my crim law prof is somewhat of an expert in international crim law...they all got their degrees from t14's. The only one I have an issue with is my "legal process" prof (writing & research). But I think more than anything my issues with her have to do with the fact that she is never around (it's her only class and it meets on Fridays only)...

If you are able to make a visit, I would definately recommend it. Esp. if you can visit before school is out (12 more days of class!). If not though, a visit to the campus is still recommended.