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Hey everyone,
    I'm a high school senior making my UG decisions right now, and one of the factors I'm considering is how my UG school will affect my chances at a reputable law school.  Right now I'm debating between UCSD and UCSB (San Diego and Santa Barbara).  US News ranks SD as 35 in the country and SB as 45 in the country.  San Diego has tougher admissions and is considered (regionally anyway) as a "harder" school.  However, as I've been researching various aspects of the schools, it seems like a vast majority prefer SB.  I've been to the campus myself, and I know I would love it there.  I feel like I'm leaning towards SB, but I'm still worried that I might be cutting myself short in the future. 
    Earlier today I read a thread on how much thought law schools give to your UG, and how this thought can affect your GPA in either a positive or a detrimental way.  It seems like the consensus was that it only matters a lot when comparing a CC with an Ivy.  I feel like I can get a higher GPA (especially percentile-wise) at Santa Barbara, so my real question is ... is there a significant enough difference between the two schools to choose San Diego and potentially get a slightly lower GPA and perhaps not be as satisfied with my college experience?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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I faced a similar decision 4 years ago, deciding between UCSB, UCSD, and USC.  You can't go wrong with either Santa Barbara or San Diego-- both are good schools with beautiful surroundings, etc. but San Diego is definately regarded as a "harder/better" school.

You seem to be asking if law school admissions committees will know the difference between the two schools, correct?  In my opinion the difference between a degree from UCSD and UCSB is negligable as long as you do well (i.e. a 3.7 from UCSB will likely look a lot better than a 3.5 from UCSD).  But, are you certain that you will go to law school?  I started college as an Economics major.  After one semester I switched to Marketing, and a year later I switched to Political Science and decided on law school.   

You may realize that you have no interest in law school after taking a few law related courses.  Or, you may bomb the LSAT and decide to pursue other options.  If you are not dead set on law school and sure that you will go, you should look into the non-law related career prospects from each school (I would guess that UCSD's are better). That could factor into your decision.   

Overall, I would recommend visiting both (if you haven't already) and then going with your gut.  If you feel you will be happier/more successful at UCSB then go there.  If you think that you may end up in a field other than law and are worried about "cutting yourself short in the future" then UCSD may be the best option.  But as far as admissions to law school goes, all other things equal (LSAT, extra curriculars, work experience, etc), the difference between the two will not be a significant factor.   

(for the record I chose USC, so I am neutral) 


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It won't make a bit of difference. Go wherever you are happier. Law schools really don't give a *&^% where you went to UG, especially when you are comparing schools as close as UCSD and UCSB. Your grades will matter much more than going to one of these schools over the other.


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Thanks for all your help guys...I've decided with UCSB, and I know it's the right decision.