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Extracurriculars: Better to be varied or consistent?

Extracurriculars: Better to be varied or consistent?
« on: March 24, 2006, 02:28:52 AM »
I'm trying to figure out how to round up my community service in the next year before I graduate. I've been an RA, on Hall Council, and could easily return to doing something relatively important in the residence halls and try to get into something like the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is the honors society for top res life leaders. I could possibly write about my experience in the residence halls for my personal statement, as well.

I'm wondering, however, if it's better to find something more varied. As it is, I've spent about 3 times as much time doing res life stuff as I have volunteering in generally liberal community service organizations. If I spend more time doing club work, it could be a respectable secondary interest.

The way I see it, I've got about 3 units of work in res life, and 1 in general volunteer stuff. I've got about 1 more unit of work in terms of time to spend, so would a 3/2 approach be better than a 4/1?

I suppose I would prefer to do the residential stuff, but I would honestly enjoy either, but probably only have time to get seriously dedicated in one.

Also, I know how little weight is supposedly given to extracurriculars, but I would of course like to get others' views, as well as note the fact that I'm shooting for schools that hopefully look beyond the numbers, like Berkeley and Michigan. I don't know my LSAT yet, but I suspect it will be near the large discretionary zones to either of the two, if my original cold diagnostic was at all accurate.