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« on: March 19, 2006, 10:46:16 PM »
Thought I'd start a thread for anyone who's heading to Tuscaloosa this fall.  Any thoughts on housing?  I've heard of some apartments to avoid (i.e. ones with undergrads who love to party) but haven't heard a lot about specific apartments to consider.  Anybody else going?

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I've done some research as I will be heading there. The ones I have came up with are Stone Creek, the new one University Village, Rivermont, and INverness.

I picked the last two because I like the idea of a garage, although their ratings from is fairly low. Stone creek had good ratings and so did Country Club apartments. The new complex has no reviews, obviously. Prices range from 650-750ish.

Perhaps a cluster of law students can live close by. I would imagine the cheaper, closer ones to campus would have the most students.

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Nice that there's actually someone else going there (since apparently nobody else on LSN is admitting to it...)  I saw the ads for Inverness in the apartment guide that they sent me, but I haven't heard anything specific from students (who would probably know best about which apartments are best for law students, etc.)  Prices in Tuscaloosa are cheap compared with everywhere else I was looking.

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When do you plan on going to secure an apartment? I am planning to go after my finals in May? I hope it's not too late by then.

Did you post on the message board? Apparently, it got hacked and it's been down now.

Are you planning on living alone?

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I want to move in sometime around July 1, so I'd say sometime in May (my graduation is April 30.)  Yeah, I noticed that the message board was down; I hadn't posted anything since I only made up my mind on Tuesday, after visiting.  I'm not planning on living alone.