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Anyone deciding on a school because of "comfort level" or a "gut feeling?"?

Even if another school is higher ranked? 

the town drunk

I would totally do this. 


yes, so far i am.  my #1 is a t3 who has treated me much better than the t2

Yes...I am probably going to do this. I have a better feeling about a slightly lower ranked school than I do about another one and I am considering just going with my gut feeling and being happier with where I am, even though I will have to work pretty hard.

if i wasn't so much of a brand-name whore, i probably would.  :-\

i'm visiting schools over the next few weeks, and i'm sure if i really hate the higher-ranked school i won't go, but if i only feel mildly lukewarm about it--who knows?


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depending on how my visits go, i'm probably going to pick mich over nyu...the people i've interacted with at UM (admissions people at the law school and the college of architecture/planning), current students, alums, etc. have been SO nice.  Even the mailings we got made me feel wanted. 

NYU--from attempting to schedule a visit to the stuff they've mailed--just seems less friendly (though a very nice current student did write to me, and i don't want to denigrate her).  i kind of got the feeling that they thought they were doing me this huge favor by admitting me (ok, they were, but they didn't have to show it  ;))

of course, financial aid packages also are good ways of demonstrating kindness and increasing comfort it's possible that when i get the one from nyu that things will change. 


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I'm definately going to go by "feel" and "gut feeling", at least to a point.  One of the schools I'm considering seems to be much more "button-down" and formal, in everything from dress to correspondance to conversation.  Another school, Illinois, made me feel right at home.  Almost everyone in the class I went to, and in the building in general, was wearing jeans and tshirts.  And they had a jeans-and-shirt attitude: everyone was relaxed, friendly, and seemed happy.  Sure, something this simple won't make or break the decision, but it may give some schools extra points in my mind.  Going to a great school would be fine, but I'm sure I'll perform better in a place where I feel pretty comfortable.

I think all I have left at this point is gut feeling. I'm choosing between Northwestern and Michigan and I like them both equally. Basically, if one shows me more love (money) then that will sway me.


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Yeah, I'm trying to work with my 'gut feeling'.  But going to a law school on visiting day doesn't really give you the best sense of what the school is all about.  A really insightful person reminded me that visiting days are - by nature - contrived and awkward.  So I'm trying to evaluate the schools based on a matrix of gut feeling, career prospects, money, and weather. 

Well your feel of a school is a very important part. If you don;t like it and do poorly thats three years of your life you never get back. Even if your number one in the class you only get 1 law school experience. With that being said, After I visited Case Western, I would not got there even on a full ride. IT was not my cup of tea faculty was great, and so were faciltiies, but the environment. Even my tour guy spoke of how disloyal people are. They spelled my name wrong on the "please welcome are visiting students". They gave poor directions, when I called lost they had a Lackadaisical  attitude, they didn't help or even inform me of parking. I was kind of embarrassed that any school would ever treat people let alone applicants like that. The tour dripped of arrogance, and the real only redeeming quality was the faculty. The drink shop server even got in an inflamed argument with the tour guide. All in all I think touring a school on your own and not when they have coached everyone to be nice is best. It saved me from making a bad choice. I am very strongly considering a much lower ranked school because it felt awesome. People were friendly, and I feel confident that I can get a better, scratch that,a much better education , and law school experience at amore student oriented school.