Law School Discussion

Does anybody else HATE Western New England College of Law today?!?!?!

So I get home... I notice that people in TN and AL received their Ole Miss letters yesterday. I live in TX which is further away, and where I live is notorious for being slow to receive things. So I think maybe today.

I walk to the mailbox, and there's a big white packet (which Ole Miss sends out). I see the stamp area that says "Time Sensitive- Urgent" and it has my name on the address... I see the word Law... and then WESTERN NEW ENGLAND... sending me some STUPID brochure! And a STUPID fee waiver!

What on earth made a school in Springfield, Mass think I would be a good fit?! Why would you ever send a big, large, fat packet to applicants when you know they are waiting for acceptances?

Cruel.... Cruel.... Cruel... now I must go work out and sit around wait another 24 hours to see if I get in this week.