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10-20k downpayment assistance for a home loan in Maryland!!!

This morning the Donnie Simpson show's guest was Lt. Governor Steele. Lt.Steele highlighted a Maryland housing program that provides 10K for downpayment assistance. He stated that for the month of March they are doubling it to 20K for downpayment and settlement assistance. I reviewed the website and the certificate is posted however it states  10K and not 20K. I'm thinking that it hasn't been updated. However if you're looking to buy in the DC Metro Area specifically Maryland I can help you and this 10-20k downpayment program is definitely a way to come with less cash out of pocket to the table.
We're not accepting this CHANGE UP in the rules. Period. American presidents have been in the bed with organized crime, corporate pilferers, and the like for years. And all u want to put on this man is that his pastor said "Gotdamn America?" Hell, America.U got off pretty damn well, if you ask me...


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Re: 10-20k downpayment assistance for a home loan in Maryland!!!
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I know of a similar program in Massachusetts, so these programs may exist everywhere.  The one here is only applicable if you're a first time homebuyer, and there are some income restrictions, though they're generous (I think its 70K per year or something). 
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