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Say the first thing that pops into your head after looking at the 'tar above you

Since there is no one above me, I pass.

(instead of rating the tar above you, I want you to tell me what the tar above you reminds you of at first blush. you see the tar and it makes you think of _____?)
quote Stanley J. Watson III
you are doomed in the fated sense, but that's completely irrelevant because that's only from the viewpoint of someone who is not constrained by time. since you are temporal, for all intents and purposes you have the power to change your future


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  • This calls for a sexy party!
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that can't be comfortable
Ate it right up: GULC, BU, UVA, Chicago
Spit it out: Harvard
Need another bite: Penn, Northwestern
Haven't picked up the fork: Stanford

Why do they all want figgy pudding?


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Wonder if the pajama bottoms make the gas she's attempting to hide smell better.


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i wonder whose finger that is
She said "love, love, love is all that matters"
I said "sure, I guess, whatever"
She said "what does that mean"
I said "nothin, it's just good to have a backup plan"


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<<turns head>>  what the <<turns again>> heck does it say on that?


I bet your name is Patrick McMonahan or something.


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That should be on a pencil case.
your stupid                                                 
My What?

From a distance it looks like PAT :o

Who dat?

Hot!  :)

Irish Lad