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Any info on Mississippi College in Jackson, MS?

Any info on Mississippi College in Jackson, MS?
« on: February 28, 2006, 04:21:34 PM »
I've been accepted to MCSOL. Does anyone know anything about this school? Is it moving up the rankings?


Re: Any info on Mississippi College in Jackson, MS?
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MC is a baptist school in Jackson MS.  Basically there are only two law schools in Mississippi- Ole Miss and MC.  MC law is set away from the rest of the campus, in central Jackson - it borders a fairly nice part of downtown Jackson on one side, and a pretty shady part of Jackson on the other, although I do think that there are security guards on campus to escort you to the parking lot and stuff.  It is kind of regarded as the lesser of the two MS law schools, because the students that go there are seen as those that either could not get into Ole Miss or those that are too religious to want to go to a state school.  But, as there are only two schools in the state, its grads do get fairly good jobs in Mississippi, especially around the Jackson area.  I doubt that it will move up too much in the rankings, but for a 3rd or 4th tier school, it does seem like a pretty good deal since grads can easily find jobs and they do not flunk out the bottom part of the class or anything like that.

It is a pretty religious school, but since the law school is set way away from the rest of campus (basically across the city) you would probably not see that too much - I know that they used to make the single girls that go there live in aproved housing - don't know if they still do that though.  Um, I think it is also faily expensive, although living in Jackson is pretty cheap....All in all, it is a fine place to go to school if you want to stay in Mississippi, but I doubt that it places too well outside the state.

Let me know if you have any questions, I have a few friends that are in law school there and I would be happy to ask them if you want to know anything from a student's point of view.

Re: Any info on Mississippi College in Jackson, MS?
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My best friend just finished her nursing degree there and my sister's boyfriend is a 1L.

I agree with everything that Kristen191 said.  Emphasis on very religous as a school.  They do in fact require all the undergrads to live in single sex dorms all four years with NO opposite sex visitors except for a special time each week.  Ouch.

It is considered the lesser of the two law schools in the state, but I do know people who have graduated and went on to be successful within state borders.  The success factor depends on the student I guess, because I also know there are quite a few grads looking for jobs right now....

I'm in school in Oxford and I live in Jackson, so if you have anymore questions let me know too