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'The Simpsons' character to come out of the closet (and it's not Smithers)


Fans of hit cartoon The Simpsons are poised for big news - one of the show's long-time characters is set to reveal he's gay. At the moment, many fans are betting the character in question will be Waylon Smithers - who works for evil nuclear tycoon Mr. Burns - but the show's producers are refusing to confirm or deny who it is. Producer Al Jean says, "We have a show where, to raise money, Springfield legalizes gay marriage. Homer becomes a minister by going on the internet and filling out a form. A longtime character comes out of the closet, but I'm not saying who." Show creator Matt Groening jokes, "It's Homer!"

any ideas on who it'll be? my bet is on patty.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say chief wiggum


Is Milhouse too young? Is the Mole-Man too old?


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i just hope its Milhouse, but that seems too obvious...or lenny and karl, but again, too obvious...i am banking on bumblebee man...he always seemed kinda fruity with his accent and whatnot...


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can we start an entire thread of why Mole-Man is so f-in great? he is the man! anyone remember what episode it was where he got thrown out of a car? (although, the scene in the gay bar where he gets picked up is somewhat disturbing)


it's carl and lenny... it can't be smithers, cause who's he going to marry?


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It's Hans Moleman for sure.

"I was saying Boo-urns."

My guess is groundskeeper willie.

Lenny might be homosexual, but I don't think carl carlson feels the same way.

Ahh... Simpsons, the most intelligent and funniest show on TV.

When does the new season start up?  Anyone know?



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ooh, groundskeeper willie is a good guess.  Either that, or Lenny and/or Carl.