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Well no need for irritation here...You sound a bit irritated from me not making clear distinction.. The point I wanted to make is that there are other factors besides test scores and GPA. From my understanding of your point, you sound like ethnicity plays a bigger role than diversity/experience, however, from what I understand from the website,I feel that its inaccurate to state that "your Asian American= your not considered URM therefore you are doomed if you don't have the proper test scores to pull it off". Come on now, we Asian Americans have different backgrounds and factors to consider (some maybe 4th generation Japanese/Korean/Chinese American with their parents working in reputable jobs/stability opposed to the same ethinic group who might be first-generation blue-collar family struggling from day to day hardships of making ends meet.

Anyways, my point is there are more exclusive factors to be considered within the ethnicity range. Thank you...Good Night and Good Luck!

You are retareded. If you ethnicity is not under-represented then you are not a URM. Get over it. Every race came off a boat at some point in time. A first generation (hell, an immigrant even) Irish or English is not going to qualify as a URM. Neither will you. This is why AA sucks in its present form and needs to die.

AA also has little to do with economic features. A white male from a dirt poor family will not qualify for URM status and will not receive point adjustments. A black female from an extremely wealthy family will. This is another reason why AA sucks in its present form and needs to die.

Sucks to be on the other end of things, huh? ROFL :D


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In regards to the handscoring, does anybody know if they're allowed to decrease our points if it turns out that way? or are we locked in at the score we got plus anything else they may give us?


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My guess is handscoring means handscoring.  If it turns out lower then thats the way the cookie crumbles.  However, rather than asking on here, why not just call LSAC real quick and ask?  You don't have to give your name and info. just hit zero and go straight to an operator.