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felony conviction?



I have a felony conviction from 1996 (non-violent/non-drug related) stemming from a dumb drunken stunt I pulled at age 22. I'm now 29 and  graduating from a state school in Michigan with a B.S in Construction Management. I have a low gpa (2.5) and a decent LSAT (162). Anyone have any knowledge about how much impact the felony will have on my chances of admission to law school?

It shows you have character.

Should I address the issue in my personal statement?

I think that if the incident was an important turning point in your life, then you should address it in your personal statement. I think it would show that you really do have character. However, be careful of the language you use and proofread it stringently.


alot of the schools weigh felony convictions based upon whether or not the bar association will allow you to sit for the bar based upon your charecter. 

Contact the ABA and the bar associations in the state you plan to practice in to see how it would affect their decision to let you sit on the bar.  then you would have a better idea of how the school will feel.  If the association says it's not a huge deal, maybe asking them to put it in writing and sending it to the school's you are applying to wouldnt hurt.

just a suggestion.


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