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fee waiver question

fee waiver question
« on: February 24, 2006, 07:37:41 PM »
I'm a junior with a good GPA (3.9) looking at applying next year.  I'll take the LSAT in June, and I'm testing at 163-169 in practice tests.  I'm American Indian, and yes, I really did grow up on the reservation and all. (I'm not one of those one-sixteenth "American Indians" trying to forge a URM status to improve my chances of getting accpted.) 

My question is do law schools give out fee waivers based on race?  Is it the same for URMs and non-URMs or are URMs given more fee waivers to try to recruit them?

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Re: fee waiver question
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Re: fee waiver question
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Fee waivers are given out to those who sign up for the Candidate Referral Service (CRS).


Candidate Referral Service (CRS)
If you create an account with LSAC for any purpose, including registering for the LSAT, the LSDAS, a law school forum, or even simply purchasing publications from LSAC, you have the opportunity to authorize the release of information about yourself to eligible law schools and organizations. Law schools use LSACís Candidate Referral Service (CRS) to search for potential applicants. A school may, for example, indicate an interest in men or women who belong to minority groups, reside in certain states, have undergraduate grade-point averages or LSAT scores within specific ranges, or have combinations of these and other characteristics. By registering for CRS, you authorize the release of all of your biographic, academic, and employment information, as well as information you have provided about your law school preferences, to eligible law schools for use in the recruitment and admission processes.

After reviewing information about you provided by CRS, a law school may contact you with information about its programs, or a school may invite you to apply.

Basically, signing up for the CRS is how you get fee waivers.

Re: fee waiver question
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VegHeadMoby is right that in order to get fee waivers, you must sign up for the CRS.  Make sure you select to have your information released to ABA approved law schools (don't worry about the unapproved law schools).

Once you do that, schools will have access to your GPA, LSAT, and biographical information including race.  Schools select people for fee waivers using this data, and to answer your question--yes, URM status is a factor and will make you more likely to get a fee waiver.  Your GPA also will help.  If you can get that LSAT up to 170 when you actually take the test, that will help A LOT. 


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Re: fee waiver question
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Seriously. Enjoy Yale!