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PENN NYC Reception at Cravath on 3/2- anyone else dying to see a Biglaw firm?

maybe I'm confused but you are a 0L? why would you go? did they invite the 0Ls?

seriously there are at least 4 of these per week 2nd semester 1L

It's an admitted students' reception; aside from it being hosted at Cravath, I don't think it has anything to do with the firm.  Although I'm sure it won't be my last time at a firm, it is my first.  I'd like to know what it looks/feels like to better understand what people are talking about once I get to LS.

ah, I see. I was confused

Why would there be four of these per week your 1L year?  Do they expect busy students to hop on the train to NYC that often?  Couldn't they just do it in Philadelphia at another top firm?

We were told that it was, at least in part, an admitted students' reception/gathering.

like I said, I was confused. I thought this was a 1L reception that firms have, and there are a billion of them. there are so many because every firm has its own, and sometimes each firm has one for each of the top schools it recruits from. no one expects you to go to all of them; I've only been to the firms I'm interested in, although lots of people go because they want to eat at nobu or sushi samba or other such places for free. and sometimes they have cool free gifts, like a flash drive. also sometimes they cater lunch at the law school for free, which makes it easier. they probably do this at penn as well

hey all, i'm going to try to make it as well.  we'll see if i get out of my internship early though...


Yay, LSD is back!

Let's see: quesadillas- pretty good, coulda used a little more cheese
-mini hot dogs a little too mini, plus no yellow mustard (ugh, only the spicy brown stuff)
-chicken tenders- too cold
-guac and salsa-- delish!  just the right amount of kick
-two kinds of tortilla chips... nice
-fruit platter-standard
-cheese platter-some weirdo cheese; not great... only the brie was good
-my boyfriend said the sushi platter was good, but i don't eat that stuff

white wine was nasty (but i drank it anyway), standard beer choices (amstel, heiny)

i assume you want to know... something else?  ;)