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Time necessary to study before taking the exam?

Response and qualified apology
« Reply #10 on: February 18, 2004, 02:36:22 AM »
Perhaps my attitude is a bit cocky. Perhaps I have offended you because I conveyed a somewhat condescending tone. For that I will apologize. You assume that I am nothing more than an arrogant, lazy, alcoholic undergraduate who lacks direction and only am going to law school because I want to delay my entry into the workforce and the "real world" for another 3 years. Maybe we can talk a bit more about maturity and responsibility.

I am paying my own way through school right now and working a 40-50 hour workweek while still attending school full-time. The only financial help from my parents was the $2000 car they bought me my freshman year. I will be graduating after 3 and a half years of school, despite the full-time job. You know, I wanted to be an engineer when I was nine and was all set to be one until I decided that I wanted to be a patent lawyer after taking the LSAT last year. Also, I think that since I'm paying for my education out of my own pocket, I'm not going to attend law school on a whim. I think I understand that the LSAT has very little to do with performance in law school, but thanks for the tip. I think I'll do just fine in law school for entirely different reasons, though.

Congratulations on succeeding in insulting me. Being called rude or arrogant means nothing to me, but I do take offense at people implying that I am immature or irresponsible. I consider CaliforniaLaw's post to be putting me in my place, as I am an ass and somewhat juvenile at times, but your post just leaves me bewildered and somewhat amused.

As far as LSAT advice, all I can give is relax and don't stress over it. You'll do better if you're well rested and comfortable with the exam.

Oh justme, the bet was for the cost of the test administration and whether I'd score a 165. If I had lost the bet I would have had to take my friend out to lunch. Since I barely got it, he paid for my test fees.


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Re: Time necessary to study before taking the exam?
« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2004, 11:46:57 PM »
Perhaps I incurred the wrong impression of you and for that I am sorry, I can relate though becasue I have definitely been called arrogant at times.... good luck to you, sir  :) No hard feelings?

Sometimes posters don't care about others feelings and that sets off the short fuse that I attempt to keep under wraps, but after you last post I realize where I had erred, and I apologize.