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Anybody know the chances to work in Canada as an international student?

Hey, all!

I am considering going to Canadian law school next year.
I am orginally from South Korea which means my first language is not English. But, my spoken English is very fluent. My weak area is writing part compared to the native speakers.
I am a permanant resident of Canada(I am allowed to work in Canada) and did MA in Washington DC.

My question is that do you think can I go to the Canadian law school? If yes, according to your experience as an international student or your indirect watching your international law school classmates, is there any big problem to follow the classes?

My second question is that whether the Canadian law firms have any discrimination or policy not hiring the student whose mother tongue is not English. I want to know the answer because I am going to live in Canada and work here.

Thank you!

Re: Anybody know the chances to work in Canada as an international student?
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You need to think strategically here. If you are from South Korea, would you be interested in working with South Korean clients who have maybe immigrated to Canada, once you have your degree? If your answer is yes, than there are a lot of opportunities. Particularly in the major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

But looking for a job is always about showing a potential employer what you can do for them. So if you showcase yourself as a multilingual and culturally sensitive person, who understands the local South Korean community better than the average non-South Korean, then you not only have a good chance, you have an advantage.

If you prefer to serve more general clients, I wouldn't say that you are at a disadvantage, just more on par with a wider pool of other job seekers. Which means, job competition will inevitably be tougher.

Costa Ragas
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