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What does your LSAT studying entail?


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What does your LSAT studying entail?
« on: July 26, 2004, 08:03:58 AM »
Hello everyone.  I'm taking the LSATs October 2nd and I've been studying on my own since early May.  In my travels I came across this fine message board and I've been reading the threads on a constant basis.  I figure I'll be here on a more regular basis as D-Day approaches.

Anyway, in my first post to you fine people, I ask, how are you studying for the LSAT?  I've been reading posts quoting hours exerted, but I'm more interested in the activities performed in these hours.  Are you spending an hour going over LR questions in minute detail (categorizing, analyzing sentence structure, comparing/contrasting answer choices, etc)?  Are you spending this time going through rapid sequences of questions, similar to the pacing of the actual test?  Are you spending this time reading, re-reading (as many times as necessary) the various prep books out there (LG Bible, Kaplan, PR, etc)?  Are you dedicating whole studying blocks to LR, AR, RC or doing a little bit of each in studying blocks?  What specific studying strategies do you employ?

I have much free time in the next month and a half before school starts and I would like to maximize the time as much as possible.


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Re: What does your LSAT studying entail?
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2004, 10:15:16 AM »

My LSAT sessions ran in 45-60 minute blocks during the week and 1.5 to 2 hours + on weekends.  Most of it consisted of practice exams (past LSATs) under timed conditions.  Then I reviewed the wrong answers and tried to understand the resoning behind the correct answer.  During the week I'd hit one section at a time and the string 2-3 together on the weekend.  For variety, I worked through LSAT 180 from Kaplan.  I also studied at home with the TV, kids, dogs, etc.  This forced me to concentrate much harder and I was surprised during the June test how easy it was to stay focused.  I also worked through a couple essay sections just to get a feel for the time constraint.  I started 3+ months out, took 2 weeks off in May and then came back for a final push in late May early June.  Time is the killer, try to pace yourself for a 30 minute limit per section, you will like that extra 5 during the exam.



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Re: What does your LSAT studying entail?
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2004, 12:37:08 PM »
My LSAT studying entails sweat, blood, and tears by the gallon.

I haven't bought any other prep books, besides those provided with a Testmasters class, because they basically said not to. However, I think I will, anyway, because I don't feel there is enough practice material contained within the Testmasters homework.

I have 4-hour Testmaster classes two or three times a week, plus about 2 hours worth of studying daily. I don't go a day without studying.