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Author Topic: how many hours r u studying?  (Read 557 times)


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how many hours r u studying?
« on: July 25, 2004, 09:05:34 PM »
I feel guilty when I go a day without studying for the LSAT.  I have testmasters Tue & Thu for 4 hours, then I try to study at least 8 hours on the weekend, and I try to put in a couple hours either Mon or Wed.

But I still feel guilty when I'm not studying....

Is this enough studying????  How many hours are you studying?
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Re: how many hours r u studying?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2004, 09:08:08 PM »
Are you crazy? thats insane studying. I'd say if you get between 10-14 hours a week you're more than good. Unless you REALLY have a long way to get to your goal. Don't burn yourself out before gameday.