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I think I am a little alarmed . . .after doing some research and talking to a few people, it seems that a student who graduates from a Tier 1 school will find a job.  It also seems that a student who graduates from a Tier 2 school will find a job.  Now, what about those students who graduate from schools below Tier 2?  Can they find jobs?

Because of logistics and my ugpa (I have yet to take the lsat), I will be applying to Tier 3 and 4 schools.  Should I let this stop me?

Any and all input/replies are appreciated. Thanks.

The statistics as to how many graduates are employed after graduation are available.  Check out a local bookstore, you'll find them.

I've noticed that employment prospects look pretty good for almost any "Tier" school.  The difference is in the average starting salaries. 

You probably won't be unemployed if you're employable.

Upon graduation from law school and finding a job, work hard. Very hard.


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