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Will LSDAS calc grades for 2 non-college level math classes I took in com. coll?

I took two math classes that were not for college credit (they were remedial classes I had to take in order to finally reach college level courses) at a community college, will LSDAS count these two courses in my gpa??


They take ALL grades from ALL schools.  Including both grades for classes you may have retaken for a better grade.  I got credit for extracurricular work and that is included, too.

Wow...thats awesome....who knew I would get credit for a basic high school math class. I may even go back to that comm. college and take another (even easier) math course to boost my gpa.

Thanks for the help, I knew they took ALL grades...but I was just wondering if they REALLY took ALL grades...haha. I just couldnt believe that they would take non-college credit stuff.