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Gang Stalking / Workplace Mobbing / Canada

Gang Stalking / Workplace Mobbing / Canada
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January 11 2004

Workplace Mobbing / Gangstalking
Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the Toronto Sun newspaper about an article that was published.

This incident that happened to me is an odd health and safety issue.
Here is a situation where a union might have made a difference.

I will be sending more letters to various groups in the up coming year.

Hi Mr Margolis.

I found your article about Edwin P. Wilson all too frightening and hits me personally way too close to home.

I was working at Harper Detroit Diesel

in Toronto and one of my co workers or somebody in my customer base or the competition started poisoning my food over a period of months.

I also believe some types of "radiation devices" were used to make me sick.
I almost died.
I had worked in the diesel generator industry for twenty two years as a field service technician at a variety of dealers and distributors based mostly out of the Toronto area.

In this position I worked in and around all types of generator set applications such as apartment buildings, schools, retail stores, hospitals, marine units, data centres, airports, telephone switching centres, or just about anywhere you would find a generator set.

This position also took me into a lot of high security buildings or buildings that you don't need to know exist.

Some of the customers I have dealt with include Metropolitan Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, the R.C.M.P., Bell Canada, Transport Canada, Navigation Canada, Public Works Canada, Department of National Defence, the Ontario Realty Corporation, Nexacor Realty, AT&T, Cantel, C.I.D.A., External Affairs, and many, many more.

I did quite a bit of work on high security micro wave and fibre optics communication links all around North America.

This is where this poisoning comes from.

One person I worked 15 yrs with on these systems, who I had not seen in 4 yrs, called me at home one night in the middle of this series of poisonings,

who I didn't even know had my home phone number and asked "aren't you dead yet".

I wound up on the West Coast of Canada standing in a parking lot with what were suppose to be Chinese Nationals from F.E.T.A.C. being photographed by the R.C.M.P. as part of a smear campaign.

The worst part of all of this is Gerry Duffett almost died, thats me.

The next worst part of all of this, is this is my tax dollars paying these freaks.

I wonder how many times a day this goes on. I still don't know who poisoned me.

I was off work for almost one year.

I can now 5 yrs later barely hold a full time job.

The harassment in my work place is unbelievable as far as off colour and snide comments about my mental health.

There is much more to the story.

Thank you.


Gerry Duffett.

Toronto / Ontario / Canada


Just in the last couple of years a new fibre optics system was installed in Ontario to link all the power generation stations to one central control centre code named Ledcor.

Don't tell anybody you know that, somebody might try to kill you.