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What are best study books for LAST? Princeton review, Kaplan?, etc...

What are the best study books for LSAT? when i studied for the GMAT I found discrepencies:
Princeton was great for the verbal section, but their quant section was too easy. Kaplan was more difficult than the actual test and the practice testsunderscored you.

I want to find the most accurate LSAT study guide and need your help!

Avoid the Kaplan/Princeton Review.

Pick up LSAT 180.

Other than that stick to the Official Tests.

I want to try the Logic Games Bible, anyone have any feedback on it?


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"Mastering the LSAT," hands down best book.

Do a search for PS Logic Games Bible.  Everyone on this board swears by it.  I have already ordered mine.  I also hear to stay away from Kaplan and PR.  I bought PR's Cracking the LSAT, but I don't really like it or recommend it.  The best tip is to study ACTUAL lsats and practice them over and over again.  Good luck studying!

Here is the conventional wisdom (gained through 500+ hour of online time over the past 4 months):
1.  Logic Games Bible is hands down the best at raising your score in the area of the LSAT that is most easily raised.
2.  NOVA's Master the LSAT - one of if not the top books on the test as a whole.
3.  Professor Dave's LSAT Advantage (Professor Dave?, yep) - virtually unknown book good for easing the nerves and introducing the material.  Biggest thing it seems to do is show you how the LSAT can be learned.  I liked it as an intro as have others.
4. Powerscore/TestMasters in virtual tie for first place in the classroom training.
Princeton Review has come up in reputation lately.  PR used to be tied with Kaplan but now beats them in quality.  They have a new course that is longer and more in depth.
5. Kaplan bad all around although there are hints of their classroom reputation changing.  Kaplan books still suck.  Reviews of "Kaplan 180" vary greatly.  I though it was just BAD.  Fake questions with answers that were very arguable.
6.  All copies of books by ARCO and Petersons should be burned.

Just my $.02!