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U Denver electronic application

U Denver electronic application
« on: January 20, 2006, 05:28:31 PM »
On the advice of an AD of Admissions at U Denver, I'm attempting to apply electronically on the Denver website, not through LSAC. Anyone else done this? All is fine until you get to a "Additional Info/Essays" page, and you're supposed to cut and paste your personal statement, resume, any addendums, a description of "written products," and any other "Background information." The space to the right of each of these requests is a small box. After I cut and paste, any formatting I had is gone, and it just looks weird having an 800 word statement in this tiny box anyway. Anyone else apprehensive about this? Would it look different (i.e. better) if I was on a pc rather than Mac? Should I just go the LSAC route? Any thoughts?

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Jeez, maybe more people would read this and reply if I put "Toby Stock" in the title...