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Slow Blues

Re: What are your thoughts on Chocolate City?
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I think our focus should be less on the mayor's wording, which was probably not optimal, and more on what the right path is for New Orleans now and into the future.

Slow Blues

Re: What are your thoughts on the right direction for New Orleans?
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Well, regarding what Mayor Nagin said, it's not something I would've said if I were in his position. If you desire an integrated city, say that. And regardless of what he felt, he should've left Iraq out of the statement entirely. It's like people in these positions don't understand that what they will say will be printed in newspapers and repeated on television.

I think the question are shying from is the question of what's right for the city as a whole. It's clear that the city as it was prior to Katrina was in the midst of failure: sky-high crime and unemployment rates, a school system that was an abomination, and egregious poverty. To rebuild the city only to have these same problems persist would be foolish beyond words.