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Lots of Fin Aid in UG = ??? in Law School


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Lots of Fin Aid in UG = ??? in Law School
« on: January 11, 2006, 10:46:30 PM »
Maybe only a financial aid officer or non-0Ls can answer this but...

I take it law schools aren't nearly as generous as UGs in terms of financial aid/grants. My UG was commited to "meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need." Much to my dismay, I've never seen that phrase used in brochures from any of the law schools to which I applied.

So does anyone know how stingy/generous law schools are?

In UG, for me it was cheaper to go to private school because they gave me a more generous aid package (more $ overall, and higher proportion of grants as opposed to loans/workstudy) than public schools. Does this hold true for law schools?

Also, is the EFC formula on FAFSA different for UG and for grad school? My EFC senior year was approx $5000. Would I be wrong to expect about the same this time around?