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For those of you who scored 170+...

For those of you who scored 170+...
« on: January 07, 2006, 11:41:26 AM »
If you had a weakness to begin with, where was it?
I've gone from 153 last May, to 163 two weeks ago, to 161 today.  On the 160 tests, I missed only 7 and 8 total between both LRs, and my homework on TM LRs has been good as well, so my weaknesses are probably LG and RC.  I'm assuming this is good for my chances of getting into the 170s, isn't LR harder to improve upon than games and reading?

Edit: I meant to say my weaknesses are games and comp, not reasoning.

Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2006, 11:47:32 AM »
RC is the hardest to improve in my experience.  I heard the RC's have gotten harder, regardless, I missed the same amount of RC ?'s on my first test and my actual.  I'd say games are easiest to improve... you should be able to get to a point where you almost always get games perfect.  It's relatively easy to improve LR's to the point of getting about 90% right, but it's hard to go up from there. 

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Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2006, 12:20:45 PM »
LR is the killer.  You can only improve so much.  Games you can learn and you can do well on RC if you read a great deal and get used to the LSAT reading format but LR can only improve a limited amount with practice and strategy.

For example, here are my averages in practice and the score I got on the real thing:

First 5    Last 5    Oct '05
AR: 7.4    1         0
LR: 6.4    4         6
RC: 4.2    2.4       1

I think LR would have been lower but for my nerves on the first section (5 wrong on the first section followed by sections with 1, 1, 0).


Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2006, 01:25:46 PM »

LR = very learnable and, in the end, can be quite easy. Just a matter of technique and practice. You don't need diagrams or prep books or pre tests. For most LR question types, just find the conclusion (underline it if you have to), know exactly what it is saying (and not saying) and go from there..

Figure out which types of questions you are getting wrong. If you are all over the map, you problem is attention, care and/or stamina.

If you are getting a particular kind of question wrong, indicate so that we can give you tips on how to approach it..


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Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2006, 01:48:49 PM »
My most significant weakness was RC. My secret was to practice. After practicing every RC I could get my hands one (every test since 1992 and the once I could find before that) I ended up missing 1 RC on the June '05 exam.

Of course, don't simply do preptests. Review the incorrect answers after any preptest. If you have time, repeat previously completed preptests. You want to be as familiar with the test as possible.

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Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2006, 01:55:29 PM »
Yeah, RC is the toughest to improve on. I got 4 wrong on my diag, was getting 0-3 wrong on my last four practice tests, and 3 wrong on the real deal. I was pretty good at LG too, most of my improvement came in LR. LR you just need to read and do lots of drill so you can anticipate what they're looking for. I got 3 wrong on each LR section on the real deal, up from 12 wrong total on my diag.


Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2006, 02:05:02 PM »
I'm hacking away at the LR, too. I'm at that 3 wrong answers/section plateau. Grr...

I'm good to go on RC (us. 1) and LG (us. 1-2).

Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #7 on: January 07, 2006, 11:34:40 PM »
i also took TM

i was kind of in the same boat as you, getting 7-8 wrong on LR, i think you can improve on that even though you think games is the best place for you to go and comp, you shouldnt forget about lr, 8 more questions could pull you to a 170.

anyways, TM gives you extra problems on the internet, once you have finsihed all the homework in the books go over type 2s, and daigraming in general and do all the problems online.  also briefly go over the common logical mistakes.  i did that the week before the test after finshing the work and did really well on the LR.

for the games, go over every single game over again.  start with book 1 and go.  i had a lot of trouble with book 3.  basically i would do all the problems in a book, go onto the next, and then come back to the previous and do the ones that gave me a lot of trouble over, and over and over.  games are getting way easier too, so the games you will see are not really indicative of test day, but preparing using those games is good cause they are harder, so you will end up being overprepared.

READING COMP!!!! i hate that *&^%.  HATE.  anyways, to improve on that remember what TM tells you.

after reading a passage take 20 seconds and think abotu tone, main idea and the way the euthor proceeds.  write a note after each paragraph. 

most importantly practice reading fast but carefully.  its tough and its not really a tip as much as it is skill development.  reading comp sucks though.

but i ended up with a 170, and i think you could easily hit that if not more cause your experience sounds a lot like mine.  and your in a good test prep course.


Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #8 on: January 08, 2006, 12:43:32 AM »
games was my bad spot.

i fixed it and got none wrong on the real thing.


Re: For those of you who scored 170+...
« Reply #9 on: January 08, 2006, 12:52:17 AM »

i definitely agree that LR is the easiest to improve upon and RC is the most difficult. for the LR in particular, you really need to slow down and focus on the question. unlike the games section where you really have to rush, you can afford to slow down and read through the question thoroughly. i admit that this can be a very demanding task after having just completed a games section but you will see results immediately. in my case, i found that i would improve upon my LR sections by 3-4 questions when i would just slow down and take my time. i guess the key to mastering the LSAT is to slow down and take your time while maintaining a moderate pace. a

lthough i am anything but an expert on the LSAT, i would tell you to go out and buy the LRB Bible immediately. trust me, you will see immediate results in your performance.

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