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(Repeat Post) For those with a large multiple LSAT split and got decisions...


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I thought I give this thread a try for more bites...thanks again.

How true is it when a school says it will take the higher score?  Did any of you get into a school where your stats, LSAT avg. and GPA, would not have gotten you in if they didn't take the higher score?

I applied conservatively using only my avg. LSAT, this would just bolster my confidence in my reaches.

Thanks ahead of time.

I applied to Georgetown precisely because they allegedly take the higher LSAT score.  My scores are 160+174.  I was rejected by them.

I then got accepted to Virginia (a higher ranked school and one that I thought averaged LSATs out).

So if you ask me, I have no idea what they do in the end.

I am pending at Michigan, and that's as far as my T14 choices go.  I may have made a strategic error by not applying to Cornell but I couldn't be arsed about the Dean's Certification because I am now living abroad and it was somewhat complicated.