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My Yale 250 - Have at it


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Re: My Yale 250 - Have at it
« Reply #60 on: January 02, 2006, 08:28:12 PM »

Sorry for the long-ass post.

Those are interesting points, but just know that it's easy for someone to misinterpret what you mean by international law from what you have written. From my limited perspective of IR as an undergrad (concentration in int'l political economy), the terms "international law," "liberalism," and "globalization" conjure thoughts of commerce, trade, tariffs, customs, etc.--issues that experienced an overhaul after WWII, but not necessarily before then. It sounds like you have strong ideals and passion for this subject based on your reponses to posts on this board, but your piece failed to evoke that kind of response from me. International law encompasses many areas, and it might help to be more precise about what subject you wish to address. Also, maybe incorporating more of "you" into the essay would help, as others have suggested. hth.