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« on: December 28, 2005, 11:45:15 PM »
I got the letter, dated dec. 22nd. My professors have told me that they have receieved thank-you emails from upenn for writing my recc. letters on the 20th of dec, which I found kinda odd. Btw, the letters were not school specific but they were sent directly to penn (had some problems with lsdas lor service).

anyway, penn wants me!  :D

Re: In @UPENN!
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Congrats!  You totally deserve it!  :-*

(And wow, I'm totally oblivious.  I just realized you're my numbers-twin!)

Just out of curiosity, are you thinking of doing the Wharton certificate program?

Thanks  ;) Now I have my number twin. yay  ;D

Wharton School of Business is why penn is amongst my top choices. I am immensely interested in JD/MBA, but wasn't sure of the merit of extra yr@ school w/ the extra investment of $$. Penn would be awesome with their cross diciplinary program.