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It's too late to think of a title!

Hey, I've tricked plenty of USC girls into running around topless   ;)

So they were on the other side of the country in JV USC, but still...    ;)


--- Quote from: tralala on December 16, 2005, 05:04:30 AM --- ;D

JV USC....I like it ;D

See, you're getting closer already!

--- End quote ---

I guess you Trojans are smarter, you weren't supposed to know that I was swooning you.  Guess I better go back and look at my notes.

Hey Watson, I just posted in One Word so it would come up in your Unreads.  :)


--- Quote from: S. James Watson on December 16, 2005, 05:15:29 AM ---
now continue working on tralala.

--- End quote ---

I find this insulting to tralala that you would assume I would be "working on" her.   I am simply trying to have a earnest wholesome conversation with the nice you lady.  I don't need you making this prejudice judgment of my motivations.

Now tralala, if you will kindly remove your clothing.


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