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anticipation, affirmation, doubt, dilemma


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anticipation, affirmation, doubt, dilemma
« on: November 25, 2003, 07:50:53 AM »
alright... so here i am, less than two weeks after turning in the last of my apps, alternating between doubting and debating...
never done this before... how long do i have to wait?
does a 3.86 GPA from UCLA and a 171 with good other factors get me in Y, S, Col, NYU?
i figure i should get into G'n, N'n, Mich
before, i figured i wanted to be in NY... but i don't know how important that is.... what if i dooo get into Yale... am i a name-whore?
(the NYU vs. Columbia bridge, if i get in both/either, i can cross when i come to...)
but i'm getting anxious waiting for anyone.  i feel like a desperate sleazy dude at a singles bar... ready to flirt with whoever;s fastest.

Peter Sands

Re:anticipation, affirmation, doubt, dilemma
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2003, 11:05:10 AM »
Hi Mattie,

I submitted my apps about two weeks into October. I'm geographically bound, so I applied to Marquette U. and Wisconsin. Both schools have told me that their admissions committees don't start looking at apps until late December.

I've also been told that the THIN envelope in the mail = bad news, and the thick one = admissions info.

Well, I received a thin envelope today from Marquette, telling me I was admitted.

Upshot: if your schools do rolling admissions, they may in fact be meeting and considering already.

My undergrad GPA was 3.11 and my LSAT was 163/90th percentile. But I also have a master's and a PhD and lot of years of experience as a professor, and I think that those factors along with my early application helped me out.

I think that with your credentials you're in the ballpark for the schools you listed.  If I weren't geographically bound I'd be applying to some of those same schools and hoping that my "maturity" would give me an edge there, too.

Good luck!