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Hey y'all:

I took the October '03 LSAT and surpisingly scored a perfect 180. To be honest, I took the test without any expectations because I did not take a prep course or study for the exam. Currently, I work construction as a pipe fitter because I couldnt find good work after I graduated from undergrad in '03. I heard that the market for attorneys is dismal from supply saturation, but was wondering what my options would be with my LSAT score (GPA 2.95). Can all of you lawyer wanna-bes give me some constructive advice? I would appreciate it; thanks.

David Bakody

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With an LSAT score like that, you have a shot at almost any law school of your choosing.  Havard might be a stretch due to your gpa, but still worth a shot.  Overall, you'll have little trouble gaining entrance into a 2nd tier law school.


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