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I am thinking about pursuing a lawdegree. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in electrical engineering and have been working in the technology field ever since. I graduated with a 2.0. I know this will be looked down upon by the admissions committee. What should I do to improve my application? What LSAT score should I get? Do you guys suggest going back to school to boost my gpa??

Thanks for any advice offered!

You can't boost your GPA once you got the BSEE.  You will have to do reallllyyy well on the LSAT and then have a good explanation why you messed up as an UG.  Although, that GPA would automatically disqualify you from the top schools (most likely), you would have a shot at the good ones with a representable LSAT score.
Why are you abandoning the wonderful engeneering world?   ;)

an MSEE...going to the "dark side"

Engineering just isn't working out.

What LSAT score should I shoot for???

Well, it depends on the school you're applying for.
If you're shooting for the top schools (excluding Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Chi, Mich...), then upper 160's should be OK.  Lower tier 1, you should aim for the mid 160's, tier 2 -- around 160.  Remember, it is all in numbers (UNFORTUNATELY).  They can say it is not, and that they're looking at all documents in your file...not true.
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