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My situation sucks

My situation sucks
« on: December 06, 2005, 06:39:45 PM »
I really want to submit my apps now, since at Boalt's infosession the director told us we should basically apply right now, because it is getting super late already.

BUT, my recommender that said she would send her LOR the first week of nov's letter has STILL not showed up in my file, and i'm assuming that LSAC cannot be that backlogged. I've emailed her maybe 3 times since then, just to see what happened and to (gently!) remind her about it. She hasn't responded to any of them, argh, and hopefully she will pick up her phone tomorrow.

I really wanted to my second recommender to be my professor from this semester, but he says that he does not want to write a recommendation until dec 21st, when finals grades are due. AHH that is so late!!! But, i know that his recommendation will be fantastic, and would really help out my app becuase some of the ideas/things I wrote about in my PS happened in his class.

i do have 2 probably very generic, probably cr@ppy LORs on file already, but i really do not want to use them.

do you think i should submitt my apps now, let them make a folder for me and request my report, and then I just won't pay for any of them until my LORs come in? From what the Boalt director said, this actually makes the process faster because by making a folder that sort of holds a queue in your spot in line. Then, once everything is in, then just pay and they'll be able to read my file right away? Or should I wait???? Argh, this whole thing is so frustrating, especially when I cannot control it!