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UChicago Early Decision?


I have some questions for anyone willing to answer them...

Well, first the obligatory stats and info to see if I'm aiming too high...3.55 GPA at UT Austin and 174 LSAT. Ive been teaching high school English at an inner-city public school for the past four years...

Now, for the questions...

1. Do I have a real chance of getting into UChicago? They sent me a fee waiver--is this a good sign or just a computer-generated letter sent to any person that received a certain LSAT score?

2. Do you think I should apply to UChicago early decision--it is binding!

3. For the UChicago app, should I write a different personal statement? Right now, my statement is about wanting to go into public interest law--especially in the areas of juvenile or education law--Now then, UChicago is known as an economically-minded school. Will they look at my personal statement, laugh, and say this person will not fit into our school?

4. I need to stay in Chicago. So, I want to go to the best school I can get into. Is there enough of a difference in job opportunities between Northwestern and Chicago to apply to a binding early decision agreement with UChicago?

5. Does anyone know how good UChicago is about providing financial aid?

Thanks. I know I just asked 32 questions, ok I guess it was only 5, but still...

You have a good chance of getting into UChicago based on those numbers.

You're also an adult, so you should be able to answer the other questions yourself.

Civility is a trait that people learn with age...It takes some people longer than others to learn common decency. Hopefully, you will learn before you alienate everyone around you.

I thought I asked legitimate questions, especially as I do not have a pre-law advisor guiding me through the process.

Hey hartbc. Here is my opinion :

1. I believe that you do have a good chance for UChicago. Your LSAT is in their 75th percentile and your GPA is close to their median. Considering that you have graduated a very solid state U, your W/E and the fact that you have solid reasons for going to law school then i would think that you have a high chance.

2. If it is your #1 choice school then i don't see a reason why not to. If you absolutely want to stay in Chicago and a merit based scholarship for example in a lower ranked school in another city doesn't interest you, then apply early decision.

3. Regardless of how UChicago is thought to be, i think that they have a very diverse student body in terms of interest. Maybe what you want to do is going to make you stand out ( beyond scores that is). So if i were you i would keep the personal statement exactly the same.

4. Although i am not in law school yet, i think that they are both great schools. UChicago is usually considered "better" but i am pretty sure that the opportunities are somewhat equal. Try arranging visits to the school and talk with the people there (including the students) and see which one interests you more. If after that UChicago is still your first choice then apply early decision.

5. Not sure about that

Hart the above are just my opinions and maybe i can be wrong at a few things. I still think that you are a very strong applicant for both schools. I am also a nontrad going through the process right now and our stats are somewhat similar (i have slightly higher GPA and an 172 LSAT) and i have applied to both schools. Although UChicago is also my #1 choice i didn't apply early decision. I wanted to keep my options open.

So far i haven't heard from any of the above schools but i do have an acceptance to Michigan.

Good luck!

Hey thanks for answering my questions! Hopefully, we'll be at Chicago together next year...I have, since that post, decided to apply ED. It's in the admission committee's hands now...

I just decided that Chicago seemed to be the most academic/scholarly school and I kind of miss school...didn't get everything out of undergrad that I could have, so this time, well, we'll see...

Plus, I might want to go into teaching law at some point. Chicago seems like a good choice for that area.

Well, good luck with everything...

I'm actually off to write the optional essays for Michigan right now (congrats on your acceptance!). I know I'm turning the app in late, but hopefully all will be well. I feel obligated to respond to the multiple intelligence question--it's a big staple of educational theory...

Thanks again!


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