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harvard sent on the 7th of nov, but no word of reciept nor LSDAS report request

I've sent it via snail mail on the 7th of november with a few other applications. I sent it through snail mail because I had school-directed recc. letters and the dean's certification. All the other applications have gone through (they have requested my LSDAS report), but harvard hasn't requested it, nor did I get a notice of reciept.

So I gave them a call this week, and the guy at the office told me to wait for another week before giving them a call again. I am not in their system. He says it could be due to the bulk of applications coming in.

It's been exactly four weeks since I've sent it off.. Could it be possible that the application got lost due to some screwed postal accident? ugh. =(



I sent electronically around that time, received confirmation, but still haven't gone complete.  I think they're just really busy.