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graduate stats for U of T and UBC?

graduate stats for U of T and UBC?
« on: December 02, 2005, 11:38:39 AM »
where can i find the percentage of students employed, median salary, etc. etc. info for canadian schools? im looking everywhere for it and i can't find anything ESPECIALLY on their confusing websites.

also, what are the top schools in canada? i know U of T is by far number one right?

Re: graduate stats for U of T and UBC?
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You can look at:

and they have other stats on the career services section of
their website.

The Canadian law school "market" is actually less tiered-the distance between schools in terms of quality is not that huge, though Toronto is generally considered the best (and its admissions cutoffs, at least numberswise is a step above other schools). I'd argue it matters less in Canada where one goes than in the U.S.

1st year associates in big firms make over 80k a year (Canadian) in Toronto, less elsewhere. Certainly for the big money it's the U.S, though U.S firms recruit in Canada.