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ROLLLLLIN THE DICE~ (Unofficial High LSAT/Low GPA Splitters Acceptance Thread)


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Hey Gratif, this thread is mostly populated with people from my cycle.  You should also post all of your good news here!

So it looks like my 3.05, 173 URM NON-TRAD splitter self is going to accept the half tuition offer from USC.

 I hope this does not sound like sour grapes, because ideally I would have loved to go to a t6 school and pursue academia.  Truthfully, I only tried (seriously) to get into schools in LA to stay close to my son.  UCLA is not very splitter friendly (they seem to waitlist most sub-174 with a low gpa), and I doubt I get money if they come through at this point (still crickets). 

The MA from Chicago, debate tournament wins in college, 10 years work experience, probably helped too, but less than the URM.  I have no doubt I could have gotten into a t14, but as I said I wanted to stay in LA (who wants to pay 30 grand over 3 years in child custody by leaving the city?)  You see, by going to law school, I am voluntarily reducing my income, which means I pay as if I were earning my "potential", which as a top-of-the-scale elem. school teacher was the actually decent 75+grand.