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The following site will calculate your probability of getting into schools based on your gpa and lsat.  It gives more concrete numbers than the lsac website

so will the LSAC calculator at
for all ABA approved (and some not I believe) lawschools

The original lsac website is here:

It only gives you a range.  The calculation is a best-fit approximation based on all the people who applied to each school.

Please e-mail me if you figure out any school num - school name correlation.  I want to update the page so any potential law student can use it.

Calculator -

Where does your data come from?  If from LSAC, how do you have "more concrete numbers" then them?

My data came from the LSAC.

The difference is that LSAC only gives you a range, whereas I give you the exact calculation.  You can try it and verify that my calculations are correct.

I only wanted ot provide this because the difference between 40% and 60% is quite significant, but the LSAC lumps them in the same range.

You can also use my site, vary the LSAT and GPA, and see how much the school of your choice values LSAT vs. GPA.


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