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I have a should have a 3.15 gpa after this fall semester, but I have a 3.6 over the last 50 units. I have a GPA addendum mentioning family problems (parents have been taking each other to court for everything from child support to defamation of character), good letters of recommendation. A alot of leadership experience, extracurriculars, community service (50+ hours a year), and I am in the middle of an undergraduate judicial internship. I am applying to the following schools. On the right are the odds that the LSAC calculator gave me. Please feel free to agree or disagree.

McGeorge 65%
Seton Hall 65%
Hofstra 55%
Chapman 55%
Southwestern 35%
Catholic 30%
Chicago kent 30%
Pittsburgh 25%
Loyola Chicago 20%
Santa Clara 20%

Re: Odds
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im in a similar position to urs... gpa is 3.13, last two yrs around 3.5... also had personal circumstances that affected my gpa... was primary caretaker for grandparents in 1st yr uni, when my grandfather got diagnosed with cancer, went thru horrible chemo, and passed away at the start of my second yr... the rest of my ug i was taking care of my grandmother... very strong ecs, leadership, volunteer exp. lors, ps etc as well... my lsat is 169, so that somewhat offsets my low gpa... u haven't mentioned ur lsat score... that might give better indication of ur chances...

ive spoken to many ppl, including prelaw advisors, couselors, profs, etc.. all seem to be of the idea that usually adcomms r understanding about personal hardships as long as u have other factors that show ur abilities...

a girl on this board last yr with a 3.0 and 165 got a full ride to seton hall.. so if ur lsat is anywhere close to that, it gives u a vague idea of ur chances at that place... the rest its hard to comment on without an lsat range...

best of luck with ur apps!

Re: Odds
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I was average in the low 160's but I had more bad family news the night before the LSAT so I only got a 156. I decided not to write an LSAT addendum, because I don't want to make too many excuses. I'm not looking for any scholarship money, I just want to be accepted.


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Re: Odds
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Keep in mind that the LSAC calculator is based upon the numbers for 04-05. There is already an approximate 5% decrease in total number of candidates taking the LSAT in 2005-06.  Hopefully that trend will continue for the December and February LSATs, and hopefully this diminishing test-tatking trend correlates with a diminishing number of applicants. If this is the case, as I'm expecting it to be, your chances of admission at the schools you listed should increase.  McGeorge, however, appears to be an anomoly. Three years ago, I remember their 75% LSAT being a 156; now it's creeped up to 160.  They definately seem to be a school on the come.  It will be interesting to see how their standards are affected if it is the case that there are fewer applicants this cycle.

Re: Odds
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im in a similar situation, 3.18/162 but had a 3.6 soph-senior yr. i wouldnt count on your chances being better at any given school.  the difference in candidates will be very small if any so some schools could easily be harder.  last year shouldnt have been harder than the year before but almost every school i happen to be applying to has a better entering class this year.  you may get into more schools overall this year than you would have last year but its impossible to predict which one will be easier and which won't.