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LR Question
« on: July 07, 2004, 04:45:29 PM »
I don't agree with the way the assumption is supposed to be understood.

Scientists used to think that pepper plants had the ability to produce unlimite numbers of peppers.  So long as the plant was properly fertilized and pollinated, and temperature, water and sunlight controlled, they believed pepper plants would continue to produce indefintely.  However, scientists hav now learned that a pepper plant will not produce more than 200 pepper plants in its lifetime.  If a pepper plant goes dormant due to a deficiency of light or water, for example, when reinvigorated, it will start producing peppers where it left off.  BUT a normal pepper plant will produce no more than 200 peppers. 

the BUT clues me to consider the dormant plant to be an abnormal pepper plant. 

Should I infer this differently?

this is on page 282 of the NOva book.  Also one of the answer stems seems to be questionable.